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Advertised lately?

I'm sure you got a huge #ROI on your impressions! I'm also sure your sales funnel saw an uptick not to mention the level of conversion you are enjoying. Here are 5 reasons #advertising is in serious trouble and what you can do about it!

Advertised on the #socials lately? I'm sure all those likes are showing up on your bottom line. Oh, all those word searches, boosts and views will automatically covert to sales.


2. Advertised on #Radio lately? Those 30 second spots sure do sound great but who remembers what was said in the next minute? Is that enough time to build an enduring engagement with potential client, customers and users of your product or service?


3. Advertised on #Television lately? Watch closely and you will see your ads cut off or be counter programmed just to expend your impressions. Is that an effective use of your ad dollars?


4. Advertised on #Print lately? Print still has a certain level of mystique to it. Enjoy it but soon it will be a thing of the past. All those dollars wasted on paper. Do you remember the last time you looked at the classified section? I thought so.


5. Advertised on #Billboard lately? Now that seems to work if you are on the I-4 or I-75 corridor in #Florida. But you have to spread the billboard every 5 miles or something!


So, advertised on #Podcast lately? Podcast? Yes, on Podcast! If you are not advertising on Podcasts you will be so sorry you let this secret pass you by. Well, it's not a secret anymore. You need to be #podcasting


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