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Creating huge disruption in the music industry

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PODBUM Crypto Coin is enabling music disruption everywhere!

January 24, 2018 By Steven Male

As a regular Spotify user and keen consumer of content in all its delicious forms, I’ve become interested in how blockchain could be used to help with the dissemination of content, as well as helping artists and creators get paid for their work.

PODBUM is a company who is leading the pack in this space. By enabling creators to use Smart Contracts, they are creating a huge disruption in the music industry – a space infamous for its draconian contracts and for snapping up all the rights to creators’ work they can grab. Founder Chima Nwala talks about how PODBUM is transforming the lives of artists.


Tell us about PODBUM - what do you guys do?

PODBUM is a community for artists, producers and content creators seeking to control their creative destiny. Our PODBUM Crypto Coin aims to enable content creators to disrupt the Jurassic music industry with Smart Contracts.


Where did the inspiration for PODBUM come from?

As a songwriter, I’ve written lots of songs over the last 30 years and seen massive shifts in the industry. The digital revolution has made it easy to release music. Yet the “major” record labels still control how quickly an artist gets paid royalties. PODBUM intends to turn that business on its head with blockchain and Crypto.



Apart from as an investment, who would receive the most value by investing in your ICO?

Artists, producers and music fans in general. By freeing artists to create, more compelling content can be enjoyed by everyone.


How does PODBUM differentiate itself from its competitors (if there are any)?

Original market intelligence on what makes fans want to support artists. Our music-based Analytics as A Service (AaaS) is an industry game changer.


How have you grown PODBUM presence in the market?

PODBUM is a registered trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


How is your team structured? What benefits do you believe that brings?

Our team is decentralized, much like Crypto and Blockchain.


What are the biggest challenges in the industry you have had to overcome?

Winning the support of independent artists, fans and our blockchain ecosystem partners such as PITCH. We truly appreciate all the support as we extend the PODBUM brand.

How have you found starting a cryptocurrency and trying to take your company global?

Very different. Everything seems surreal, but refreshing at best. People are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Our deep understanding of the music industry has been invaluable to the process. For instance, digital music distribution was in its infancy 20-years-ego, when we were part of that scene we hoped and prayed for technology like we have today. Several companies like Liquid Audio and IUMA went out of business.


What’s next for PODBUM? Do you have plans to grow, expand or diversify?

We plan to grow our brand while educating music fans, artists and producers on the importance of creative control coupled with asset protection.


Where would you ideally like to be in 5 years?

The top music platform in the crypto and blockchain arena.

If you had to give one piece of advice to an up and coming blockchain entrepreneur, what would it be?

Think, plan and act on your idea. You don’t have to wait for it to be perfect to “launch.” Go for it and be hungry to learn along the way. It’s such an exciting time to be an entrepreneur.


Is PODBUM the next step in the way we consume music? Is blockchain the answer for artists tossed aside by the record industry? I’m excited to find out.

 Click here to find out more about PODBUM.

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