PODBUM® is enabling musicians, artists, bloggers and podcasters take back their trade craft.
PODBUM® Artist Exclusives
PODBUM® branded release by 1% Hangout.
1% Hangout has licensed the PODBUM® to release Dem No Know latest single.
Competition is stiff however there is a niche for artists like 1% Hangout to take back
their trade craft. The advent of “streaming” has returned some level of profitability
to the industry.
In fact, streaming now accounts for the major source of
revenues for record labels. PODBUM® offers streaming services in addition
to downloads and merchandise sales to remain competitive.
Key Take Away
Successful competitor in the space know how to anticipate and seize on
market opportunity using content, technology and knowledge of consumer
behavior. Technology has radically changed the industry. Although there still
is great opportunity for artists and bands to tour and sell branded
merchandise to consumers.
Artists and Labels must:
1. Leverage disruptive technologies like PODBUM®
2. Offer original content to reduce costs
3. Increase user base without going broke
PODBUM® empowering artists and record labels by leveraging that first mover
advantage as they
grows their businesses and reach new and exciting fans.
To learn how, please contact for licensing of PODBUM® for
your next release.

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